Stefos Ouzo

Stefos tsipouro: distillate of the senses


Stefos tsipouro is made from the extract of the distillation of grapes of the variety Moschato of Hamburg. It is a single-variety tsipouro, produced through double distillation.

We make Stefos tsipouro without aniseed (40% vol.), Stefos tsiporo with aniseed (42% vol.) and the tsipouro "Moschato Amvourgou" (red Muscat of Hamburg) with extract of grapes (40%).

Enjoy our tsipouro chilled or with ice

Stefos tsipouro is sold in bottles of 0,2 litre (40/42%). The "Moschato Amvourgou" is sold in bottles of 0,5 litre (40%) and 5 litres (40%).




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