Stefos Ouzo

Stefos ouzo: soft and pure


Stefos Ouzo is produced in a small distillery, with modern equipment using only the purest ingredients, in a traditional distillation process. The ouzo is distilled two times in copper stills from 100% ethyl alcohol made from e.g. grapes or figs. Anise seed and other herbs are added and the mixture is stored in large stainless-steel tanks to settle. Before the essence is bottled, it is slowly mixed with clear water from the mountains of Chios.

The taste of Stefos Ouzo is soft and pure. Ouzo is served as an aperitif and tastes delicious with seafood and other dishes from the Greek kitchen.

Enjoy Stefos Ouzo either straight, with cold water or with ice

You can drink Stefos Ouzo either straight, or diluted with cold water for a smoother taste, or "on the rocks" for a cooler even more refreshing taste.

ouzoinglas Ouzo is usually served in special ouzo glasses, which are tall and slim. When mixing ouzo with water it will turn whitish and opaque. As the alcohol content is reduced, the anise oil transforms into white crystals, which you cannot see through.

Stefos Ouzo is sold in bottles of 0,7 litre (40%), 0,2 litre (38%) and 5 litres (38%).




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