Stefos Ouzo

Limoncello lemon liqueur


For over hundred years women in the Kambos in Chios have made lemon liqueurs at home using the best quality fruit from the orchards. Following the same traditional technique we produce our own limoncello liqueur in S. Monogioudis Distillery.

Limoncello is made from ethyl alcohol, pure water, sugar and lemons from Chios, which are harvested in late January. Only the peels from the lemons are used. The essential oils of the peels are extracted by soaking them for some time in ethyl alcohol. This lemon extract forms the base for a delicious limoncello liqueur.

Stefos limoncello is yellow to green and has the intense flavour of the Chios lemon.

Limoncello is best served cold, traditionally after dinner.

It is best to keep the limoncello in the freezer until ready to serve.

The limoncello lemon liqueur is sold in bottles of 0,5 litre (20%).



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