Stefos Ouzo

STEFOS OUZO from the island of Chios

Stefos Ouzo is produced in Stefanos Monogioudis Distillery, a family company in Neochori in Chios. In Stefanos Monogioudis Distillery we combine expertise with current research and modern technology to manufacture beverages of exceptional quality.

ouzofles The island of Chios is well known for its ouzo. We use only the best ingredients and pure water and make our ouzo using the traditional distillation process.

The taste of Stefos Ouzo is soft and pure with a nice aroma.

Chios is famous for its fragrant aromas coming from the lemon, mandarin and orange trees, the flowers, the spices and the mastic. We use the lemons, bitter oranges and mandarins, the mastic and grapes to make five other delicious alcoholic drinks: the strong tsipouro, the mastic liqueur and the fruit liqueurs limoncello, mandarino, and neranzino.




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